Connecting companies and contractors

The Vision of Kinex is to be a nexus for businesses to come together and leverage the strength of all parties while protecting and increasing access to the marketplace.


Our programs greatly exceed what is in the market today and as importantly, beats the price.

Contractor Services

On Boarding, Screening, Settlement Processing and 1099 Reporting.


Document Management, Risk Management and Legal Support.

Insurance Programs

Occupational Accident and Cargo Products.

Marketplace Access

Gain access to a wide network of companies and contractors to leverage your business.


Bobby Shah



Co-founded several healthcare ventures: NinHealthcare, vTitanCorporation (acquired 2013), Indigo Orb and BandogCorporation.

15+ years in moving medical technology from concept to commercial product.

Bobby is charged with driving the organization and carrying over his background in innovation into the contractor space to bring customization and cutting edge technology to the market.

Tom Chaplin

Business Development Director


A 30+ year transportation veteran leading Operations and Enterprise Sales for CRST and Specialized Transportation, Inc; including directing over 7,000 owner operators fulfilling commercial and government needs.

With a strong background in HR, payroll and Insurance, Tom is responsible for crafting the custom solution for each Kinex USA customer.

Supporting Clients before and after implementation, and ensuring Compliance and Customer Service goals are met.


The founders come from a combined background of 50 years in healthcare and logistics with a focus on sourcing commerce with Independent Contractors.

Kinex aims to be the premier partner interconnecting any company and contractor in all industries by providing the best support services, risk mitigation and technology innovation.


Save money, mitigate risk and gain access to a wide pool of qualified and motivated contractors.


Protect your business, get visibility to your settlements, get access to new work and join a leveraged group of independent entrepreneurs.


Forge a lifetime partnership with industry specialists that understand your needs and help drive your growth.

Kinex is managed by a team of experts and has partnered with the highest rated insurance providers in the world.
Our programs greatly exceed what is in the market today and as importantly, beats the price.

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